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Time time time


It has been a while. I apologize to any who have checked back and wondered about the silence. I could say that life became super busy (which it did) or that work became busy (which it also did) but I know that isn’t the real reason for my absence.

I wasn’t ready to think more deeply.

There, I said it! Whew. Anyhoo…..

It seems it’s time for me to actually sit down and read the Quran, cover to cover, critically. (Thanks to a recent commenter).


So here it goes — this is the version I have chosen because it is a pdf (easy to search terms and make notes).

Here goes nothing!



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4 thoughts on “Time time time

  1. joseph on said:

    Highly recommend this translation. Went through it recently and was really well done.

  2. I read it a couple years ago

  3. no slappz on said:

    If you’re planning to read the Quran, then you should read the Bible at the same time. After you get past page one of both texts, you’ll realize they take have very different approaches to spiritual life.

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