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Thankfulness, turkey, and pie – Oh my!

I know my blog is about identity and religion and deep questions about the human condition, but let’s cover the important issues first, shall we? Let’s talk about pie. Oh my God, any God, I love pie!

Last night, we were included in one of the best Thanksgiving feasts I have ever had. The company was fantastic (i.e. smart, cultured, funny AND we got to watch football), the experience was divine (i.e. gorgeous table setting, delicious wine, there were even candles), and the food… the food was out of this world. Even the turkey was good. Seriously, good turkey! But the dessert. Oh my word – the desserts were rock-star!

Pecan pie with chocolate, apple pie with a hint of caramel, trifle (yes! trifle), two kinds of fudge, cheesecake, and did I mention the pecan pie? Focus, Loren, focus! What is this post about…

Pie covered? check.
Turkey covered? check.
Thankfulness covered? Better get cracking!

As with many people, I am thankful for my family, most of all my husband who puts-up with me and my children who, well, let’s just say they continue to challenge me. But that’s not what Moses & Muhammad Walk Into A Bar is all about. This blog is about honestly challenging perceptions and assumptions. And more so, authentically sharing that experience. So with a new cup of coffee, here are some things I’m particularly thankful for this morning.

The Universe — It seems that despite my fear and insecurity, the universe continues to gently push me towards sharing my story. Be it opportunities to receive advice from amazingly accomplished friends (Mr Ryland) or call-backs for interviews from The Takeaway ( It seems that there is a path along which I need follow and yet despite all efforts to stray, the Universe continues to guide me. I am so grateful for this.

All of you readers — I am so very thankful for you, reader, for continuing to check back despite my long absence, for you who take the time to share a comment (comments are a gift and I am grateful for all of them; even the critical ones!!), and mostly, for continuing to be interested in my voice. Every voice matters and it is an honor to be able to share my own.

I wish you all a meaningful and laughter-filled holiday season, no matter what holidays you celebrate. Just let’s keep being thankful.

xoxo l.

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2 thoughts on “Thankfulness, turkey, and pie – Oh my!

  1. Great post. Glad to see you back!

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