Moses & Muhammad walk into a bar…

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Jewish after all??

Fabulous discussion with my dearest friend (who happens to be a rabbi), her brilliant husband and my brilliant husband.


can I (Loren, aka Sara) be really Jewish?

Answer? The consensus at the table is yes because I had a bat mitzvah.

My answer? I’d like another martini please.

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2 thoughts on “Jewish after all??

  1. Loren,
    A wonderful radio segment on The Takeaway. Your story hit a very personal note, our daughter is adopted from Pakistan, being raised in a Jewish/Muslim environment by parents that are divorced for many years, yet remain dedicated to our daughter. She is 10yr, a warm wonderful child who has always known about her life story. I have been to Pakistan several times (I’m the Jewish Dad part) visiting my Ex Wife family. I hope some day our daughter will share her story as you did. Her Mother lives a very interesting life that will continue to keep our daughter connected to Pakistan, her Muslim identity mixed in with some matzo ball soup. I could not have asked for more in life to that which my daughter has already given me.

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